Ever wondered why hamsters love to run in their wheels? Read on to find out!

First, it is a story of anatomy : they have no tail and short legs, so are bad climbers, unlike the mouse which, with its long tail can balance. It is easier for it to explore its environment.

But the hamster is still an excellent runner: this is explained by the fact that in nature it would be very quickly spotted and caught by predators if slow!

Your pet has naturally a huge need to exercise, especially running like crazy! And even if the cage is small: it must be able to run if wanted.

Thus the wheel is the perfect accessory for your pet: it is easy to install, it turns, it amuses and it will allow him to have fun and to exercise as much as they want! In fact, if they don't exercise, your hamster will become obese and unhappy.

Once they try the wheel, they won't be able to live without it! You can also install tunnels or mazes so that they can run flat but it will be more expensive and not always easy to implement in small apartments.

Contrary to popular belief, this plump little animal does not like to be touched. This is not really the ideal pet, it is best to look at the risk of being bitten! Moreover, the bite will be the result of stress, and even fear.

If you want a pet to play with, a Guinea pig will be much more sociable!

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