If you're familiar with cats, you'll probably have noticed that, out of the blue, they can suddenly become crazy and run about the house for no reason. You might see them bouncing off furniture, racing about the place, or even attacking imaginary prey... Yep, welcome to 'crazy time'!

Cat ‘crazy time’: what is it?

This type of behaviour is generally seen in cats who live in apartments or who stay on their own for large portions of the day. It is also frequently seen in kittens.

When night begins to fall, your cat turns into a little predator. He or she starts to dart about, jumping around, trying to catch your heels or biting you.

You would be forgiven for thinking that your pet had lost their mind! In reality they are reacting to being understimuated.

A form of anxiety

Although it can be normal behaviour, this ‘crazy time’ can also be a sign of anxiety, which may need addressing. Perhaps your cat has experienced a series of changes, or perhaps you've both been struggling with your relationship.

Whatever the reason, your pet isn’t trying to annoy you or exact revenge; they are simply getting rid of pent up energy. As such, it is useless to shout at your cat when they are in this state, and even less helpful to punish them. This will only increase their aggressive behaviour.

If you notice a sudden change in your pet’s behaviour you should consult your vet. This is especially important if you notice appetite changes and/or a change in weight.

You can find out more on feline aggression in our article here.

You cat needs to be mentally stimulated

Kittens need to spend their energy and be active; this helps improve their social skills and ability to communicate. Playing is an integral part of a cat’s daily routine, and this continues throughout their life. However, it must be noted that their wants and needs change with age.

Cats who don’t have enough mental stimulation can display unusual behaviours and find their own ways to amuse themselves and use up their energy. Cats who live in apartments are particularly susceptible to these issues, but there are a number of ways to entertain them, including: scratching posts, cat trees, and wall mounted cat shelves and perches.

If your cat is anxious, you can buy a pheromone diffuser like that from FELIWAY®. They have a calming affect on cats, creating an atmosphere that is pleasant.

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Does your cat exhibit this kind of behaviour?

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