Cats don't sweat like we do: when a cat is hot, they pant to regulate their body heat.

Cats origins

Cats are animals originally from hot, desert countries, and they cope with heat better than dogs do.

When the temperature is rising, the most important is to always provide your cat with fresh water. Change the water often so it stays cold, and you also can add a few ice cubes.

Your cat is supposed to drink 40 to 60 mL of water per kilo of their weight every day. When it's hot, they need to drink 100 mL of water per kilo.

But depending on your cat's diet, they will need more or less water. Dry food (kibbles) doesn't contain much water but canned food can contain up to 70% of water. To make sure that your cat stays hydrated, when it's hot you can give them moist, wet food (in cans of foil packets).

If your cat doesn't drink enough (less than 30 mL/kilo/day), even when it's not a hot day

  • Change their water at least twice a day. It should always be clean and fresh.
  • Maybe your cat doesn't like the kind of water you are giving them. If they're drinking from a plastic bowl, it may change the taste of water, so try an other bowl. If they still doesn't like the water you are giving them, try bottled water.

If you are going on a journey with your cat, they will be more stressed and won't regulate their body heat as normal. Offer them more to drink, use a water spray or gently rub them with a wet towel.

Never leave your cat alone in a hot car, even only for a minute and with the windows open! They will have an heat stroke for sure.

Our tip:

If you think your cat doesn't drink enough, add a little bit of meat broth or a few kibbles to the water. Your cat will be more likely to drink spontaneously.

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