When looking for a pet cat, it is important to have a look at all kinds of breeds to see which would suit your household. Some cats do not like to be bothered at all and others love attention.

Today we will be looking at the Egyptian Mau; Mau means cat in Egyptian. If you only want one pet and you are looking for a cat, this breed is perfect for you.

Loyal and Intelligent Companions

Purina reports that the Egyptian Mau does not adjust well to other cats and dogs and enjoys being the only pet in the house. These cats are very loyal companions and are very intelligent as well. They are very playful and especially like to play with toys. Make sure you have many toys at home to occupy this pet cat. The Mau also likes to stalk anything that moves, allowing their natural instincts to shine through.

Appearance of the Egyptian Cat

In appearance, the Mau is medium sized and muscular. They have short to medium coats ranging from silver, bronze to smoke in colour. They do unfortunately shed their spotted coats, but with only one pet this should not be too much to clean up. These statuesque cats have gooseberry green eyes and are beautiful to look at too.


 The Fastest Domestic Cat

Something interesting about the Egyptian Mau is that this breed is the fastest domestic cat. The athletic Mau has run up to 30 mph in the past. These cats have a unique flap of skin near the back of the knee, which makes them more agile and their length of stride longer.  

Photo Credits: animalworld.tumblr.comwww.mypetsmart.co

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