We aren't talking about cats cooking in the kitchen. The term "making biscuits" refers to the movement cats make whey knead objects with their paws. Have you ever seen your cat "make biscuits"?

Place a soft object in front of your cat and you'll probably see them make biscuits! Similar to how a baker would prepare dough, cats stretch out their arms in front them and repeatedly push down on soft surfaces. When they do this, they look like they are walking in place—lifting and pressing down their paws. Oftentimes, cats accompany this behavior with purring.

What do cats typically knead?

Cats can make biscuits on a variety of surfaces. You can usually find a cat kneading objects such as blankets, cushions, pillows, stuffed toys and even clothes. In general, they knead objects that are cozy, fluffy, and plush.

However, objects are not the only things cats can be found kneading. Sometimes, cats can make biscuits on other animals or humans. Yes, that's right! They can even try to make biscuits on your belly or your lap! Has your cat ever done this?

Where does this behavior come from?

Cats generally start to knead when they are young because the behavior is instinctive. Kittens typically make biscuits on their mother's stomach to help them produce more milk. In some cases, mother cats can teach their kitten to knead if they can't figure out how to.

Did you know that domestic cats are not the only felines that knead? Felines out in the wild can also be found making biscuits.

A small kitten making biscuits on a carpet

Reasons why a cat would make biscuits

Cats can make biscuits for a variety of reasons. For example, some cats knead out of stress. It can bring them comfort, reminding them of the solace their mothers provided them when they were still kittens.

In addition, cats can knead a soft surface to prepare for a cat nap. This allows them to get comfortable and create a cozy spot to sleep in.

Furthermore, as cats can release their pheromones through their paws, they can sometimes knead to leave their scent on objects. This is their way of marking and claiming the object.

Is your cat ruining your belongings or hurting you?

If you want to discourage your cat from ruining your belongings or making biscuits on you, you can provide them with objects they are allowed to make biscuits on. For example, you can find a soft blanket that you don't mind them using and provide them with it every time you notice them kneading where you don't want them to.

If your cat decides to knead a surface that you approve of, you can congratulate them with treats, caresses, or a loving tone. This will encourage them to continue to make biscuits there.

You can also trim your cat's claws so that their claws do not pierce into your skin or your belongings.

Do not hesitate to consult a vet if you believe that your cat is kneading excessively or if you need any advice.

Source: PetMD, Scientific American

What do you find most adorable about cats making biscuits?


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