Although they are often confused with the Doberman, the Beauceron, also called the Beauce Shepherd, is a fascinating dog in many ways!

Origins of the Beauceron

The Beauceron has a long history. It is a very old breed and was developed in France, originating from "La Beauce" (the plains region surrounding Paris). It is thought that the first mention of the breed was in a passage of a manuscript written back in 1578.

Beaucerons were mainly used as sheepdogs and guard dogs, but there were also many used in the French Army. They followed commands without hesitation, detected mines and supported commando activity. Even today, Beaucerons are still used as military and police dogs.

The breed is very popular in France although it is also gaining popularity in many other different countries.

Physical characteristics

The Beauceron has an impressive and muscular appearance. It is a large dog that can measure up to 70cm (27.5 inches). They can weigh from 70-100 pounds (30-45kg) and their life expectancy is usually between 10-12 years.

Their distinct black and light brown coat explains why they are often confused with Dobermans. However, the two breeds are quite different. The Beauceron is notably more rustic and robust while their fur is rougher than a Doberman's. They have dark brown eyes and a chiseled face.


Some health conditions have been seen in the Beauceron such as allergies and dermatomyositis (an inflammatory condition that can affect the skin, muscles, blood vessels and fat).

Their coats are short, which only shed a small amount during the year (shedding more in spring/fall). This means they should only need a bath every three to four months (unless of course, they have been playing in very muddy puddles!)

Beaucerons will need daily exercise.

If you are a high-energy type of person then this dog should be perfect for you. They would thoroughly enjoy joining you on a run, a cycle or a hike!


The Beauceron is a very loving and loyal dog.

The right training is very important for this strong-willed breed, especially in their first few months. They can be stubborn but have a great sense of responsibility. Usually, they won't hesitate to take the lead and make decisions on behalf of their owners if they think it's necessary. Therefore, it is recommended for them to be with experienced dog owners.

In general, Beaucerons get along with everyone, especially with children. Nevertheless, their imposing size and exuberant playfulness may not be best suited to smaller children as they could find themselves on the receiving end of an unintentional knock. It is, therefore, best for them to be with a family with older children.

A loving and loyal dog, the Beauceron is versatile, intelligent and an excellent watchdog for his/her family and home.

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