Despite their apparent domestication, cats still retain many of their wild instincts. Remembering this will help to explain some of the weird cat behaviours that make them so entertaining to live with!

Your cat is both your friend and your housemate, and they can certainly exhibit some weird cat behaviours in the house and with you.

Cats have been domesticated for many years, but picturing your cat as a wild feline prowling the prairie, you'll be reminded that all the weird stuff they do is simply part of what makes them so unique and a fun companion!

Here we explain five unique cat behaviours you'll most likely identify with.

1. Why does my cat rub their face everywhere?


There are many reasons why cats do this.

If your cat rubs themself on you, it is likely they are communicating to you that they like you and that you are a form of comfort to them. This can be one way of showing you their affection and gratitude, and to mark their territory through the transmission of pheremones.

Additionally, it is also said to be their way of 'tasting' the environment through their whiskers. Cats collect information about their surroundings by touching things with their whiskers.

2. Why is my cat asking for food when they already have some?

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Cats can sometimes meow at their owners as if asking for food when their bowl is already full. This is often interpreted as the cat wanting something else to eat. While that may be the case, it could also be that your cat is simply seeking attention. As humans, we appreciate the social aspect of a meal between friends, so why shouldn't your cat feel the need to talk at lunchtime?

3. Why does my cat bring me dead animals?


The domestic cat as we know it was integrated into human society largely for its skill as a hunting animal. For example, rodents could often cause significant troubles for farmers and so cats were brought in as a means to combat the problem. Coupled with their natural hunting instincts, cats who are domesticated are believed to see themselves as a contributing part of the family. In this way, it can be said that these contributions are for the prosperity of the family.

4. Why do cats arch their backs when they are afraid?

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An unusual-looking stance, it's not uncommon to see a cat in some kind of predicament with an arched back. Not only is their back arched but their back hair also stands up on end. This is thought to be in response to fear whereby arching themselves into this position makes them appear larger than they are - an increased threat to predators, for example.

Additionally, it is thought that the fur responds in a similar way to human goosebumps when a shot of adrenaline runs through the body in response to fear.

5. Why does my cat "talk" to birds?

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You might have noticed your cat meows or makes small gurgling noises when looking out the window, particularly when they have seen something move. Unsure why they're making these noises?

Cats have a small sense organ at the base of the nose called the 'vomeronasal organ'. Through the vomeronasal gland, cats are able to inhale more air, and therefore scent, giving them more information about potential prey. These noises help them to maximise this organ, similar in a way to a human touching an object to learn more about what it is.

While unique animals, there are usually reasons behind why cats exhibit some unusual behaviours humans just sometimes can't understand. But with a little science and time taken to observe their behaviour, it's not hard to build a picture around some very common, and sometimes strange, cat behaviours.

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What strange behaviours have you observed in your cat?

source : iheartcats

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