Have you ever spotted your cat moving their ears and paws adorably while they were asleep? It’s because they were dreaming!

Rapid Eye Movement 

If you notice these signs while your cat is sleeping, it means they are in rapid eye movement sleep (REM sleep). This is the stage when their dreams start. Cats fall asleep faster than we do, and they only have two sleeping phases compared to our four phases. This means that when a cat falls asleep, they start dreaming a lot faster than what we do. Cats also dream a lot more that what we do, an average of one every 26 minutes.

Like all other mammals, the more secure the cat feels, the more they will sleep. Thus, a pet cat is more likely to dream than a wild cat, who is always aware of danger.

What do cats dream about?

Many scientists and specialists have tried to answer this question, but so far they have not succeeded. However, scientists assume that a cat’s dream must be similar to ours because they are, like ours, a way to fill in our memories.

Therefore, your cat’s dream might look exactly like the last few hours they spent cleaning themselves and playing with you!

Photo Credit: Yummypets

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