Having your dog stolen is a seriously traumatic and heartbreaking experience. Here are a few ways you can prevent dog theft.

1. Avoid dog theft - keep your dog on a leash

Always keep your dog on a leash when you are out and about. Scooping up a loose dog is easy, but criminals will think twice about doing it when the dog is attached to your arm or waist.

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2. Install high & robust fencing

Gates should always have a lock on them, and fencing should be tall and strong enough so that someone can’t reach over and pick up smaller dogs.

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3. Don’t leave your dog unattended

If you're at work during the day, it’s best if you can keep your dogs in a part of the house where they can’t be seen from the street. Also refrain from leaving your dog unattended in a car; it’s easy for thieves to break into your car to steal your dog. 

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4. Don’t discuss value

Don’t go around telling people how much you paid for your dog. It is common knowledge that some breeds are more pricey, but discussing this with others can attract a pet thief’s attention.

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5. Spay/neuter your dog

Dogs that are have been sterilised are less likely to be targeted by pet thieves looking to breed dogs, pedigrees in particular.

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6. Don’t leave your dog outside a store or restaurant

Dogs get stolen outside stores and restaurants often. If you don’t have someone with you to keep an eye on your dog, it's best not to go in. That milk can wait!

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