Are you thinking of adopting a chinchilla? Yummypets is here to give you some things to think about before deciding whether you are ready to adopt one of these beautifully fluffy rodents!

As for any animal, the adoption of a chinchilla (or chinchillas) should not be done without careful consideration. Before going out and buying one, take the time to see if you will be able to take care of a chinchilla and if it's right for your home and lifestyle.

How to adopt a chinchilla

To start with, it is advised to have at least two chinchillas. This is because, in nature, chinchillas are used to living in packs.

So that they get along better, it is better to adopt them both at the same time and when they are young. If you are not able to adopt the two at the same time, take the time to introduce them slowly. Place their two, separate cages side by side so that they can get to know each other. Only put them in the same cage after several days and much observation and consideration.

In general, chinchillas are not very affectionate animals. They love belly scratches but little else. This doesn't necessarily mean that chinchillas are unsociable. This just means that any human contact should be done gently and patiently so as not to stress them. Time is key here.

Their needs

Before you adopt a chinchilla, ask yourself whether you have time to take care of them and take them out of their cage every day for some interaction. Take into consideration that they need one hour a day with you in order to create a real bond.

Although chinchillas are fragile animals, their life expectancy can reach up to 10-15 years. However, in order to give your Chinchilla a full and healthy life, you need to make sure that they are not exposed to strong sunlight and that they are safe outside of their cage.

Just like any animal, dietary requirements are also specific and need to be followed to ensure the health and wellbeing of the animal. And again, just like humans, special care needs to be taken so that they are not overindulged with treats.

To find out more about taking care of a chinchilla, you can read our article here.

What experience have you had with the chinchilla?

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