Does your cat love you as much as you love them? Can they show their love? In this article, we will teach you what signs to look out for to determine if your cat loves you!

Do cats show their feelings?

The idea of feelings is rather complex in animals. They see and experience the world in a very different way than we do. Therefore, it's better to refer to emotions instead of feelings when talking about how a cat feels. Emotions are useful for a cat and their survival often depends on them.

According to multiple studies, cats can feel emotions such as joy, anger, and sadness—just like humans.

Cats are mysterious creatures. It can be extremely difficult to understand their behavior. It's you, their owner, who is the most adept to understand the emotions that your cat is feeling.

Does my cat love me?

Cats love us—in their own unique ways! Your cat uses their body language to communicate this. They can try to make you understand that they are hungry, thirsty, bored, or that they love you!

In order to decipher these subtle messages, here are a few types of behavior to look out for to determine whether or not your cat loves you!

Your cat makes biscuits on you

This is instinctive behavior that kittens use to obtain milk from their mother. Cats continue to knead to express joy and show that they are feeling at ease.

Your cat rubs their face against yours

When a cat rubs their face on that of a human, they are showing that they feel safe and trust them.

Your cat brushes their body against your legs

This means that they are searching for your attention and affection. They are also "marking" you by leaving their pheromones. You are their property!

A cat showing love by brushing against owner's leg

Your cat rolls around on the ground, exposing their belly

No, your cat is not acting like a dog. This is a way to show their excitement or attract your attention so that they can get extra cuddle time! The stomach is the cat's most sensitive body part. By putting themselves in this position, they are more vulnerable. This means that they trust you.

Your cat blinks slowly while staring at you

When your cat stares at you and blinks slowly, this means that they feel safe and at ease. Blinking slowly is a sign of affection and bonding.

Your cat brings your "gifts"

What we are referring to as a "gift" is actually their prey. When your cat brings you a small animal, it means that they love you and they believe that they need to take care of you because you are an awful hunter. 

Your cat nibbles you 

Some people find this behavior annoying, but it's isn't aggressive at all. It's simply a sign of love. We can almost consider it to be like a little kiss. 

Your cat purrs in front of you

Did you know that cats only purr in the presence of humans? That means that it's a way for cats to communicate with us. Listen to the small and gentle sound that your cat makes when you pet them.

Originally written in French by Irène (Yummypets) and translated by Jennifer Eubank (Yummypets).

Does your cat do any of these things to show you that they love you?

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