As a dog owner, you know how filthy your furry friends can get on a rainy day.

Today, we explain to you step by step how to clean your dog.

Firstly, you will need to brush your dog in order to detangle them and take off all the dead hairs. Then, put cotton balls in your dog's ears to protect them from water. They are really sensitive and must not be in contact with soapy water.

Settle an anti-slip mat in the bottom of your bath tube and fill it up with warm water. Get your dog wet and with a special dog shampoo start to shampoo them. It's really important to use an adapted shampoo because people or baby shampoos are not good for them. Dog's skin is more sensitive than ours. If your don't have any, make your own cheap and natural dog shampoo.

Don't use too much shampoo because it might damage the protective layer of your dog's skin. Don't forget to wash their paws as they are usually very dirty.

Rinse well, and don't hesitate to do it twice or three time. Then, use a warm towel and a hair blow dryer to dry them.

Remember to be gentle with your pet, especially if they're taking a bath for the first time. Let them get used to the water progressively, talk to them and use treats to reward them if they're staying calm. Bath time can be a very pleasant moment for both of you and an occasion to bond with your pet. If your cat is really afraid, you can wash them with a wet towel or dry shampoo.

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