Scientists have recently discovered a new species of Feline in Brazil, called the Tigrina.

A Tiny Leopard

This animal is the same size as an alley cat but looks like a tiny leopard; it has a very similar pattern on its coat! These cats can weigh up to 3 kg and can live up to about 15 years.

These cats are wild animals even though they look adorable. They eat small mammals, birds and lizard’s eggs. Best not to try cuddle one if you come across them!

Different Species

Scientists have discovered that the known Tigrina species are actually two different types, who do not interbreed, thus making them distinct. DNA tests have concluded that the southern and north-eastern Tigrina are different.

Conservation Efforts

Because the north-eastern Tigrina is recognised as a different species, biologists will have to assess its conservation status and set laws and rules according to the assessment. Many animals’ natural habitats are being destroyed because of intense logging in forests, including the Tigrina.

Eduardo Eizirik, lead author on this study, had this to say: “Very little was- and still is- known about this species. There have been some initial studies on its diet, but still most of its basic biology remains poorly known, including density, habitat use and population trends.”

Source: National Geographic

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    Haley F I think it's name should be if it's a boy Otis or fraymu (pronounced frame me you) if a girl fayura (Fay are short a) or Persephone