Pets Deli is the name of the first luxury deli for dogs and cats which opened in Berlin during the holiday season of 2013.

Here everything is designed to make your pets feel at home. On the menu: cupcakes, salmon oil, bowls integrated to the furniture to enjoy the food on the spot...

You 'll understand that the store did not skimp on how to put your companions in the best mood and provide them with quality products.

While these products have a cost, e.g 4 € for a cupcake, you'll be sure to be buying quality products.

Owner David Spanier's motto, is selling food of such good quality that even humans could consume it without risk, he has said.

In addition to product quality, dietary advice is given by Katharina Warkalla, the manager of the store.

I can't wait to taste their products!

Feel free to read our article Beware of cheap pet food! to know what is good for your pet.

Source: CNN

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