This is an incredible story of second chances in life; the Harris family thought they had lost their dog, four year-old Sid, forever.

The family became very worried when Sid could no longer use his hind legs. He was paralyzed, so they decided to take him to the vet as soon as they could.

Bad News

The vet, Lou Tierce, gave them the sad news that Sid had an incurable disease and he had to be put down. The Harris family saw no other solution and with heavy hearts accepted what the vet told them.

Six months after the death of their beloved dog, they received a call from the vet clinic where they had taken Sid. Mary Brewer explained that Sid had not in fact been euthanized, but was being kept in the back in a cage.

Criminal Record

His blood was taken to give blood transfusions to other dogs in the vet’s clinic. Mary did not phone the police because she has a criminal record and didn’t want to get into trouble.

The family found Sid in a small cage, sitting in his own urine and faeces and he was not doing very well. There were obvious signs that blood samples had been taken from the dog.

The family called the police and the animal control services in Texas intervened. They found several other animals in the same condition in the clinic. All were used to give blood to other animals.

The Harris family has been reunited with their beloved dog and Mary Brewer received the recognition she deserved!

 Source: nydailynews

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