Several large grocery chains in Norway have decided to stop selling foie gras; which is a delicacy made from the livers of male ducks and geese. The treatment of these poor animals is atrocious and by refusing to sell this product, Norway shows their support.


Foie gras has long been controversial because it involves force- feeding geese and ducks, which produces an unusually fat liver. The pate is then made from the large liver. However, this is still a delicacy worldwide and many people enjoy it.

Animal Cruelty

The poor animals are kept in small cages and force fed with pipes. This force feeding causes the bird’s livers to swell to about ten times its normal size. Many of the birds pull their own feathers and attack each other because of stress; surely this delicacy isn’t worth it?


The force feeding is banned in Norway and many other countries because it is cruel. They do however allow the importation and selling of foie gras. A decision has been made by grocery stores to stop selling this product. This prohibition comes in shortly after Danish stores made the same decision!

We fully support the Norwegian grocery stores decision and hope these force- feeding farms can be closed down!

Source: News in English & Peta

Photo: Partage Images

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