Meet Olive, a piglet that believes that she's 100% puppy!

Olive, the piglet who is a dog

Alissa, Olive's pet parent, says that she behaves exactly like a puppy. Olive spends her time in the company of the dogs of the family - playing with them, sleeping with them... If the dogs go to the door and bark, Olive tries to do exactly the same! She's great at learning by example!

"I always wanted to have a pet pig, so when we moved some years ago, the new layout allowed us to adopt Olive," explains Alissa.

"I had never had a pig in the house before Olive, so it was a big risk to take!"

amitié porcelet chiens

Olive with her dog brothers.

amitié porcelet chiens

Before, Olive, Alissa and Nick already had four dogs.


The family were worried about how Olive and Lola, the French Bulldog, would get on, but they needn't have worried - they're best buds!

amitié porcelet chiens

"Lola took the role of Olive's adoptive mom, it was lovely to see," explained Alissa.

amitié porcelet chiens

Olive is definitively part of the gang of dogs.

amitié porcelet chiens

She spends every moment of the day with them, playing and napping with them.

amitié porcelet chiens

The family shares these beautiful moments on Instagram.

amitié porcelet chiens

A beautiful story - just what the vet ordered! Would you like to adopt an unusual pet just like Olive?

Source : Bored Panda

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