On a Sydney spring day in 2016, thieves broke into and stole a doggy day care van with three dogs inside. After a terrifying 2-hour ordeal, Tenille and Fabian were reunited with their beloved fur friend - who promptly forgot the whole ordeal!

On the afternoon of 27 October 2016, Tenille Roberts and her partner Fabian Muschalik were busy running their custom furniture design business.

They had no idea their beautiful six-month old Weimarana Jaeger was in the back of a van being stolen.

Doggy day care van stolen

After spending a fun day with Chris Graham, owner of Dog Royalty day care for dogs in Sydney, Jaeger was popped into the back of the day care van for the ride home. He was joined by Chris' dog Calley and Bowie, a deaf French Bulldog cross Staffy.

With the three dogs in the back of the van, Chris went about his afternoon routine, returning each of the dogs to their owners. However, while carrying one of the dogs inside, Chris's van – along with the three dogs inside – were stolen by a couple of thieves in broad daylight.

A harrowing realisation, Chris promptly contacted the police. He also had to make the heartwrenching calls to the dogs’ owners to inform them what had happened.

Search and rescue mission

Jaeger's mum Tenille took the call and heard the words no dog owner ever wants to hear - her dog had been stolen!

"I just instantly felt my stomach drop. That sick feeling knowing you're potentially facing the worst possible outcome," she said.

"But Fabian and I just swung into action. He posted to the local Marrickville community Facebook page alerting everyone to the theft, and I jumped on the phone calling family and friends to help out."

"We also posted to our own Facebook pages asking people to spread the word. Then Fabian and I just drove around and around the area looking for the van and calling for Jaeger. It was hell!"

The response to the call-out spread fast and the effort of the local inner west community was astonishing. After almost two hours of searching, Tenille said Fabian received a facebook message from a local saying the van had been dumped in a backstreet of nearby suburb Newtown.

Returning Jaeger and his friends

The police were first to arrive at the van where they found the dogs silent but thankfully safe.

“If anyone knows what weims are like, they're never silent!” Tenille said.

Police suspect the thieves quickly realised their theft was headed south when they saw they had three dogs in the back of the vehicle. Dumping the car, they took what they could find, including Chris' credit card, which was later used to book an Uber.

Tenille said she was beyond elated to hear the words "Jaeger's safe, he's fine".

"Funny thing is, while the thieves didn't end up stealing the dogs, they did steal Chris' mints, chocolate Snickers bar, credit card and a bag of dog food!"

And in true Jaeger style, he was back to tearing up home in no time, like nothing had even happened. Poor mum and dad!

But in reality, this cuddle with daddy later that night said it all!

Source & photo credits: Tenille Roberts

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