Cats sleep a lot during the day. Indeed, providing them with a quiet and comfy place for their naps is essential.

Even though cats like to nap in different places, it's important that they have their own bed where they can go whenever they want.

A cat bed should be in a quiet place, ideally elevated and warm. They usually love the back of a sofa or the edge of a window, because they can keep an eye on what's going on around them. You can purchase a bed in a pet store, where you'll find a lot of different types. You want to choose a comfy one, easily washable and adjustable.

You can also do it yourself : it's easy, cheap and your furry friend will love it!

DIY : a 10 minute bed for my cat

What you need:

  • a carton box
  • tape
  • and old bath towel
  • a pillow case
  • pins

Fold the edges of the box and use tape to keep the box open. Fold the bath towel and put it inside the box. You can use two towels if you think that it's not comfy enough. Make sure that the corners of the box are covered with the towel. Cover the box with the pillowcase and use pins to ensure that it remains in place. It's done! Put the bed in an elevated place and your cat will surely love it. Throw the towel and pillow case in the washing machine when the bed gets dirty.

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To conclude:

  • Cats sleep 16 hours a day
  • They like to change their nap spots but must have their own bed
  • Their bed should be away from the litter box and food area

Photo credit: Yummypets

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