Are you about to introduce a new feline member to your family and want to give them the perfect name? It might seem simple but it's often easier said than done. Well, we've got some tips to help you!

The name you choose for your cat is a personal one and will no doubt reflect a little of your personality. It can be practical, fun, beautiful or nostalgic. Not only is it the name you will refer to them as amongst family and friends (and your vet), but it is also used as an essential communication tool with them.

While your beautiful new kitty might not respond to all your future demands, it's important they have a consistent name to which they can recognise as your call to them.

Choosing a name

No one can tell you what to call or not call your cat - that decision is entirely up to you and/or your immediate family. However, you will probably want to name them something easy to say and be heard, as well as share comfortably with others.

Names with only one or two syllables are very popular choices as they are often the easiest for both you and your cat. In fact, cats have the ability to hear sharper sounds more clearly, meaning names that end in 'y', 'i', and 'ie' can be a good choice.

If you're opting for a longer name, you might like to play around with shorter versions or nicknames that you can call them on a daily basis. For example, Chewbacca can become Chewy, Penelope can become Penny, or Arabella can become Bella.

A short, easy-to-pronounce name will also help your cat with their training i.e. they will become familiar with this word alongside your command. However, you might want to avoid words that sound similar to those you use on a daily basis so as not to confuse your cat.

Avoid offensive or embarrassing names

This isn’t a name just for inside the home! While it may seem amusing at first, if you’re embarrassed to call your cat from the front of the house, it won’t be very effective when enticing an outdoor cat inside for dinner.

This applies to any pet, but see the tweet below for a perfect example.

A name that fits the cat

Some people like to decide on their pet's name before they even get one. Others prefer to wait until they've met their new fur friend and seen a little more of their personality to make their decision.

If you know a little about your new cat before they arrive, you can narrow down the list of possible names according to their gender, size, breed, colour, birth place, etc. Alternatively, you might prefer to just let their name come to you when you see their face or personality. Some pet parents even play with irony and give their cat a name that is the complete opposite of their appearance or personality, to make the choice more amusing.

Just keep in mind that the name you choose for them is for life. It's particularly important that children are made aware of this, as changing your pet's name due to boredom of their existing one can be confusing for your cat and may lead to various behavioural problems. You may also like to read our article on the benefits of cats for children.

And if you have multiple cats at home, try using names with very different sounds so that they don't get confused.

How did you choose the name of your cat/s?

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