At first, Lulu the black labrador seemed like the idea candidate for the CIA’s bomb-sniffing training program. A few weeks later, however, she decided bomb-sniffing just wasn’t for her.

Lulu just wasn't that interested

According to the CIA’s website, Lulu was picked for the program because “She’s hyper and silly when she plays, but has an easygoing sweetness and is extremely sensitive to her surroundings and what is being asked of her”.

However, after 6 weeks of intensive training, she began to lose interest. This isn’t uncommon for puppies, but the attitude normally only lasts a few days. As far as Lulu was concenerd she seemed to have made up her mind: bomb-sniffing just wasn’t on her to do list.

In a series of tweets, the CIA explained how her handler tried to motivate her to continue with training to no avail.

Fired from work

Rather than force her to do something that she wasn’t interested in, the CIA removed her from the program and gave her handler the option to adopt her (as is standard practice).

Lulu now leads a happy life in her handler’s home, playing with his children and running around the garden.

Internet sensation

Lulu’s dismissal from the CIA caused her to become an internet sensation. The story has gone viral with Lulu’s new fans taking to social media to express their joy at the story.

Some praised The CIA for their seemingly fair treatment of the puppy, despite her choices.

Others identified with Lulu who knew just what she didn’t enjoy doing!

One artist even wrote a song about her!

Have you had trouble training your puppy?

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