Thiago Ferreira has travelled all over the world and seen some of the most spectacular views, all with his two best friends by his side: his dogs!

Being a seasoned traveller, Thiago compiled a list of reasons why travelling with dogs is just so much better.

1. But first, lemme take a selfie!

What’s better than a selfie at an unforgettable landmark? A selfie at an unforgetable landmark with your dog in it! “Max was so popular with his selfies that that many people asked us if they could take a selfie with him. That made my day in Pisa!” says Thaigo.

chien tour de pise italie

2. Dogs can travel basically anywhere

Dogs are easy-going creatures, and adapt quickly to their owner’s lifestyle. They love meeting new people and exploring exciting places with undiscovered scents. This makes them easy companions for basically any type of holiday!

chiens plages

3. Swimming is always fun

“Max and Louise could spend an afternoon enjoying the water while I relax and read my book,”says Thaigo. Even if your dog isn’t one for water sports, he can still sunbathe with you!

chien piscine

4. There are more dog-friendly places than you’d expect

Planning your holiday with your pooches requires a little bit more planning. Be sure to research dog-friendly places in your area. You will be surprised how many you’ll find!

chien skateboard

5. You won’t ever dine alone

“There are a lot of dog-friendly restaurants everywhere I go. I don’t need to leave Max and Louise at the hotel or roasting in the sun outside a restaurant to have lunch or dinner. All it takes is a little research to dine with our canine companions at a nice dog-friendly place,” says Thaigo. And if you’re travelling alone, you’ll always have company at your table!

chiens restaurant

6. Many historical monuments are dog-friendly

That’s right! Even places as elegant as the Château de Chenonceau in France. Again, just do a bit of research beforehand – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the options!

chien chateau de chenonceau

If you'd like to follow his journey with Max and Louise, you can share in their adventure on Instagram!

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