Beagles are sweet and adorable dogs thanks to their beautiful nature and physical appearance. Some are cheeky too! Come check out 10 beagles you can follow on Yummypets to see for yourself!

We have the most incredible community here at Yummypets, if we can say so ourselves. With dogs, cats, rodents, horses, birds, lizards and more, we have an endless supply of incredible stories, photos and videos to keep ourselves entertained every day!

In fact, let's give you a little taste here!

If you're not yet on Yummypets, get you and your pet/s signed up straight away to enjoy the fun. If you're already a member, here are 10 gorgeous beagles to follow!

#1 MJ 

MJ is a Beagle star on Yummypets!

This gentle male Beagle lives in Bordeaux with pet parents Diana et Noam. Discover the amazing photos that they take of him.

Favourite food 

Duck kibbles.

Favourite toy

Anything that can be chewed on.

Favourite chill-out spot 

The sofa.

Silliest trait

Too much chewing!

mj beagles

#2 Marvel

Follow Marvel's adventures with his pet parents, who are completely crazy about him.

Favourite food 

Pea and carrot purée with crunchy kibbles.

Favourite chill-out spot 

His travel bag, canoes, trains and cars.

His silliest moment

He ate his dad's sketch book!

marvel beagles

#3 Moïra

You can never get bored with Moïra! She is a lively and cunning Beagle princess.

Favourite food 

Salmon-oil kibbles.

Favourite toy

Her plush teddy Narnard.

Favourite chill-out spot

Place Stanislas in France.

Silliest moment

She ate her mum's phone and laptop charger.

moira beagles

 #4 Léxie

No one is more energetic than Léxie ! She also loves tummy scratches.

Favourite food 

A nice big bone to chew on.

Favourite toy

A squeaky rat toy.

lexie beagles

 #5 Jerry

 Meet Jerry, a playful and cuddly Beagle who wouldn't hurt a fly.

Favourite food

Barbecue food.

Favourite chill-out spot

He loves the bed.

Silliest moment

He tore the carpet up.

jerry beagles

 #6 Joyce

 Joyce still acts like a puppy. She's full of joy and never fails to make her pet pals laugh!

Favourite toy


Silliest moment

There are far too many to just decide on one!

joyce beagles

 #7 Molly

Here is the stunner Molly! She is new to Yummypets, but if you ask as, she has a lot of potential!

Favourite toy

Long necked hippo.

Favourite chill-out spot

She has a special spot for dozing in the sun.

Silliest moment

She ate her dad's planner!

molly beagles

#8 Pilou

 Pilou is an adorable Beagle and was previously a lab dog who was rescued by GRAAL.

Favourite toys


pilou beagles

#9 Loufi

 Loufi loves this pose when having his photo taken - now all you need to do is enjoy the view!

Favourite toy


loufi beagles

#10 Enzo

 Here is a Beagle that loves to go nutes! Discover Enzo's photos that will make you crack up.

Favourite food

Like all Beagles, all food!

Favourite toy

Squeaky toys

Favourite chill-out spot

Between his dad's feet.

Silliest moment

There are so many!

enzo beagles

Do you follow any Beagles on Yummypets?

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