With so many rising animal Instagram stars, it can be difficult to know who to follow. We’ve picked 3 up and coming accounts to help you get your daily dose of cuteness!

3 dog instagram accounts you shouldn’t miss

#1 Quincy @quincyfox

Meet Quincy fox, the adorable Pomeranian that has taken the internet by storm.

With over 30,000 followers, we can see why the adorable pup has had so much success. Her mum is a professional photographer, and it definitely shows!

Fans love seeing quincy sporting new little outfits...

...Or just curled up, ready for a good sleep

#2 Doug the Pug @itsdougthepug

Doug in’t just any pug, he’s adventurous and finds himself it all sorts of situatuions. He's even met a lot of celebrities.

His owner uploads videos as well as photos, like this MTV cribs spoof showing Doug’s incredible dog mansion.

Who wouldn’t be cheered up by that adorable face?

 You can even buy a Doug calandar, so you never have to go a day without seeing him.

#3 Loki the wolf dog @loki_the_wolfdog 

Loki is husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix brought home by his owner during a snowstorm.

Kelly lund, his owner, didn’t want to leave Loki behind during his adventures, so he decided to take him along for the ride.

They aim to inspire, explore and make memories together.

Their 1.6 million Instagram followers are treated to top quality photos of Loki in the most amazing places!

This is definitely one not to miss.

Which pets do you follow on Instagram?

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