Little Freya was found abandoned in a family’s back yard and she is special for two reasons; she was born without eyes and she is an orange female tabby cat, which are very rare!

Found In A Back Yard

A woman called animal rescue group Wags 2 Wishes saying that her children had found the kitten in the back yard. When she was brought in, Wags 2 Wishes founder Terri Crotty, knew something wasn’t right. They later discovered that Freya had been born without eyes!


Terri believes she was a part of a litter and was abandoned because of her disability. The woman who found her looked for the other kittens in her yard, but there was nothing there, confirming Terri’s suspicions.


Freya had surgery to close her eye sockets so that there would be no infections in the future. Many people have asked to adopt Freya, even one of the volunteers who works there.

Possible Adoption

“[The volunteer who has offered to give Freya a good and loving home] typically likes to adopt kittens or dogs with disabilities,” Terri said. “It was almost like fate in a way. The cat will be able to live a normal life. It’s just going to take a very special person to make that adjustment.”

Terri continues to say that Freya is in a foster home, recovering. When she is medically cleared they will post about her adoption, but there is already an interest from the W2W volunteer. She thanks everyone for their kind wishes and interest in Freya!

With a little love and attention, Freya will be strong and happy in no time!

Source: Life With Cats

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