As a cat owner, you've probably wondered why your cat can sometimes act like a dog. Well, you're soon about to find out why!

Cat behaviours in the olden days

One thing is for sure: cats stay cats and they have characteristics that are distinctly feline. These instincts have been developed over thousands of years of evolution.

We can expect a certain kind of attitude from cats. They are small, solitary hunters, which is justified by their need to eat meat (they are obligate carnivores).

Many things about cats haven't evolved since they started to live with our ancestors in order to help get rid of rodents. Cats have since then recognised the value of living with humans and continue to do so today. Humans represent a resource that allow cats to live more easily than in the wild.

Despite their history of living with us, it is still strange to see a cat leap out to grab a ball just as a dog would do. Sometimes our cats will come when they are called. Some can even learn tricks! Cat lovers everywhere adore this amusing surprise. But they still wonder, why is my cat acting like a dog?

The response lies in the ability of cats to mimic and, in more of a positive way, manipulate us! Since the days of our ancestors, they have realised that humans mean comfort, food and a long life.

The intelligence of cats

Adapting and reigning are key words for cats.

They saw the chance to live like little kings, protected in a warm home, and they would have been silly not to seize it!

These days, we don't tend to worry about vermin, but cats are still precious friends. They have adapted well to their new environment. In this sense, cats have learned that making their pet parent happy is also a good thing for them. Therefore, they (usually) come when we call and (sometimes) learn the tricks that we show them.

Our calls, the toys that we throw and our attention to our cats are associated with positive sensations for cats. Their brains tell them that their parent is happy, so they are too. This works as if you have trained your cat to do so.

You may not have trained your cat like you would have a dog, but their intelligence allows them to know how to act even without having been taught it.

That is why your cat will sometimes act like a dog. Only to make you happy; They know that after this kind of behaviour you will be happy and will reward their good behaviour.

Our cats love us, but remember - they never do anything without a reason! They're far too intelligent for that!

Have you ever seen your cat act like a dog?

Source : iheartcats

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