A dog’s bed needs to be comfortable, easy to keep in a good condition and adapted to the size of your dog, so as to guarantee warmth and security.

Does my dog have the right bed?

When deciding on your dog’s bed, your number one priorities should be comfort and security.

If the bed is too small, it could disrupt their sleep, which would then entice them to find another place to settle down. Can they stretch their legs?

Secondly, location is important. Your dog is looking for warmth and a sense of security while they sleep. The bed needs to be tucked away, or at least set back from communal areas. Avoid walkways and drafts areas.

If your dog is quite anxious, you may wish to consider buying a bed with sides. These are great for dogs who like to curl up. This is especially good in colder, winter months.

Finally, the whole household needs to give the dog some space when they sleep. Children need to be told that they must not disturb the dog while he or she is asleep.

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My dog won’t stay in their bed, what should I do?

Going to their bed

You can begin to teach your dog to understand the command “go to bed” in the same way you would teach “sit” or “lay down”.

There are several ways to teach your dog to “go to bed”, however it is helpful if they already know how to lie down.

You give the command “go to bed” and lure him to his or her bed with a treat, as soon as all four paws are on the bed, praise them and give the treat.

Lying down in their bed

Repeat this several times until they begin to do it without being lured. Next you will need to add “lie down”. Begin by telling him or her to go to bed, then give the command to lie down immediately after they arrive there. You then provide a treat when they lie down.

After the first few times, only give a treat when they both go to the bed and lie down on their own.

Finally, increase the time they stay on the bed by giving them a treat in increasingly long increments after they have laid down. Should your dog get up before the allotted time, simply give him the “place” command and begin again!

If your dog tries to sleep in your room, but you don’t want them to do so, you could put a t-shirt that smells liek you in their bed, or use pheromone sprays.

Does your dog stay in their bed?

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