It's a trip that this British couple will never forget! They thought they were leaving for New York! Instead, they were brought to the airport interrogation room!

An intruder in their luggage

In 2019, Seerey and Nick Coole decided to take a trip to New York to celebrate Nick's 40th birthday. However, while going through airport security, the couple was asked to follow the security agents to the interrogation room. Why were they brought there? A suspicious object was in their suitcase!

After a while, Voirrey came up with a surprising hypothesis: what if it was their cat in the luggage?

The security agent in charge of opening the suspicious luggage then decided to open the bag. Inside, he discovered an adorable little black and white cat. It was none other than Candy, one of their three cats. Candy loved bags and empty boxes. When he saw this suitcase, he must have thought that it was an appropriate place to sleep.

In the end, the couple was able to leave Candy with a family member and they were able to take their flight to New York! This eventful start to their vacation will never be forgotten.


Photo used for illustation purposes only.

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