While on holiday in Utah, the Bingham family found a small white kitten outside their cabin in the snow.

Their Thanksgiving holiday had a very different start than what they expected after their son rushed into their cabin with the kitten.

All on Video

Luckily the whole episode was caught on camera, with the young boy rushing in with the kitten, and another family member starting CPR on the little thing near the fire. The CPR lasted longer than an hour in a desperate attempt to save the kitten who was almost completely frozen.


The family thought that the little cat had died and they were surprised when they find the kitten alive and well after a while! This kitten is definitely a fighter, and throughout the day he only got stronger and had a huge appetite.

Happy Ending

All ends well for the kitten, as he had his shots at the vet and was then given a permanent home. The family decided to name the cat Lazarus, after the Biblical figure who was brought to life by Jesus. After posting the video on Facebook, the family had over a thousand views and many sweet comments!

Watch the video here.

Source: Daily Mail

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