We at Yummypets, believe that all cats are beautiful. But just like Smoothie or Thor, certain cats have been noticed for their otherworldly beauty.

Princess Aurora is part of this group of elite cat-models. Her majestic fur, her icy-blue eyes and her incredible photogenic traits have made her, according to the internet, the most beautiful cat in the world. This bicoloured Ragdoll is so beautiful that she has become a supermodel! We've already mentioned her in our article 2o Cats more beautiful than human supermodels.

Aurora was named princess because of Sleeping Beauty, who shares her name. Just like her human counterpart, Princess Aurora lives a royal life.

"Cats are known for being the masters of the house. Aurora knows that she is beautiful, at least that's what she shows us through her behaviour. Things are done according to her will or they are not done at all," say Emily et Niklas, Aurora's pet parents.

Although she loves to be pampered, she doesn't let her fame go to her head. "Aurora is an adorable and intelligent cat. We often laugh when we imagine that she treats us like servants, but in reality she gives us as much love as a little puppy, which is rare for a cat," add Emily et Niklas.

We'll let you admire these photos of Aurora, princess cat!

Princesse Aurora Princesse Aurora Princesse Aurora Princesse Aurora

Find more photos of Princesse Aurora on her Instagram account.

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source : Instagram

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