You get back home after being away and you are welcomed like royalty. Your dog jumps up on you and seems to be celebrating your homecoming as if you have been away for months. Why do they make such a fuss?

A gesture of love?

It doesn't matter if you leave for five minutes, or for the whole day, the same welcome is waiting for you back at home by your much loved pooch. Your dog jumps up and celebrates, expressing how happy he/she is to have you back. This attitude is normal and dog owners are usually used to it. It can even get a little irritating when our little companion has dirty paws, but we usually let it slide because we love them so much.

Your pet has obviously been bored without you. Your animal is very close to you and you are their world, so when you come back to them after being away, they will most likely be very happy to see you again.

A simple reflex?

A recent study conducted by canine educators and specialists for the animal world, revealed that dogs jumping up on their owners on arrival could actually just be a simple reflex, an automatic reaction, and not necessarily a sign of affection. But we are inclined to believe it's both!

Other animals can also behave in the same way, like wolves. Cubs run to their parents when they return from hunting. They jump up on them and lick their noses as a way of saying thank you, but also expressing their appetite.

When you get back home, your dog likes to do the same thing: lick your nose and in order to do so, they jump. It's the way they show you their gratitude and growing appetite. It may be time to go and check their food bowl?

A heightened behaviour with smaller dogs

The smaller breeds, like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire terriers, Shih Tzus or even Bichons, are more inclined (according to statistics) to jump up at their owners.

Does your dog often jump up on you?

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