We have seen and heard of animals doing some pretty amazing things that some of us can’t even dream of doing! These wonderful animals have their own spots on the Guinness World Records and will keep those spots until their records are broken.

While some animals win records simply because of their looks or size, others show off their impressive skills. In this article we will look at some of the records set by animals on Guinness World Records.

 Zac, the Macaw parrot

Zac, the Macaw parrot, from San Jose in the United States, achieved his record on 12 January 2012. He won the award for the most canned drinks opened in a minute by a parrot. His impressive record is 35 cans.

 Denis Doorlag the dog

Denise Doorlag and her family, from Michigan in the United States, own the tallest dog in the world. Zeus, who is a Great Dane, got his record on 4 October 2011. He measures 1.118 m tall.


 Baby Konjo the dog

The next record goes to Konjo, otherwise known as “Baby Konjo” because she is so small. This record- setting pooch is half Papillon, a quarter Jack Russel and a quarter Chihuahua. She holds the record for the fastest 5m on front paws by a dog, which she did in 2, 39 seconds. She achieved her record in Tustin, California, USA on 22 December 2014.


Thumbelina the brown mare

The smallest living horse record goes to Thumbelina, a miniature sorrel brown mare. On the 7 July 2006, she got her record by measuring 44, 5 cm to the withers. Thumbelina is owned by Kay and Paul Goessling, who live on a farm in Missouri, United States.

Photo Credits: abc7news.com / dailymail.co.uk / shockrecord.com

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