OK, so I'm a dog and this story is about a cat. You know we have a love-hate relationship. So let's see how the ending of this prison break story goes...

A cat and a (hopeful) prison break...

Hello my favorite humans!

I am a dog, so I guess that is why I think cats are only good to chase. Sorry, but it's in my genes. Apparently, however, humans find them very clever and useful. Surprising isn't it?

Well, some found a cat to be so clever, they decided to get very crafty!

In Brazil, the family of a prisoner trained their cat to enter the prison with a bag of prohibited items attached to its back. The items were expected to be used as part of a ploy for the prisoner to escape jail.

However, luck was not on the prisoner's nor the family's side as an agent found the cat. In the bag, the agent found saw blades and drill parts for concrete drilling and digging tunnels. A cell phone complete with battery and charger was also uncovered.

Too bad really. It seems they should have employed a dog for real success!

Yours devoted,

Buddy, the dog

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