It is always nice to read a story with a happy ending; luckily these cats have found loving homes!

As usual, we would love to hear these kinds of stories from you too, so if you have any wonderful pet adoption stories, please feel free to share them with us whenever you can.

We know the importance of a great home, so if yours is a home that has made a pet happy, then we definitely want you to brag about it.

Ichimi & Ponzu

Ichimi the kitten was abandoned by her mother but luckily she was found by Ponzu, the Golden Retriever, who has now become her adopted parent! Ponzu has nurtured abandoned kittens before; he clearly has a soft spot for them! He uses his body to keep the kitten warm and he also cleans her.


Mr. Magoo

Mr Magoo is a two- year old male cat who was found wandering the streets of Philadelphia. There is something very special about him - he is completely blind. Luckily Mr Magoo was picked up by animal control; he was very thin, dehydrated and unable to eat. Colleen and her husband adopted him and he is now a happy and healthy cat with a loving home!



A man was leaving a local bar one night when he came across Ash, an abandoned kitten, behind a dumpster. The poor cat was very dirty and obviously hungry. Ash’s new human dad gave him food and water and gave him a bath too. These two are now living very happily together!


So, what are some of your pet adoption stories? 



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