Whether you’re an animal enthusiast or just have a casual interest, we guarantee you’ll be surprised by some of these facts.

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1. Meerkats have a highly developed social structure. But how many meerkats can you expect to find in a group?

a. Up to 5 members

b. 5 - 20 members

c. 20 - 50 members


Answer c. 20 - 50 members

Meerkat groups are very sizeable. They don’t like to live alone and need the rest of their group to survive. Within these groups, different meerkats have different jobs. For instance, a few meerkats will watch out for danger while the others forage for food. They communicate between themselves with purring sounds.

2. Experts believe a lion's mane primarily serves which purpose?

a. To protect their necks in a fight

b. To provide extra warmth at night

c. To show off their fitness levels to others


Answer c. To show off their fitness levels to others

According to the University of Minnesota, “the size and coloration of the mane serves as a signal to other lions about the male’s fitness, similar to the showiness of the peacock’s tail”. This means that they can attract females and ward off other males with their mane. Darker, longer manes are grown by the healthiest, strongest lions.

3. Elephants are unable to

a. Jump

b. Stand on two legs

c. Lie on their backs


Answer a. Jump

However, they aren’t the only mammal with this problem! Neither can sloths, hippos or rhinos to name a few.

4. Which has the greater population?:

a. Iguanas

b. Chickens

c. Humans


Answer b. Chickens

It makes sense, especially with current farming practices. Some say there are an estimated 19 billion chickens in the world.

4. Newborn kittens all have:

a. Blue eyes

b. A full set of teeth

c. White paw pads


Answer a. Blue eyes

All newborn kittens have blue eyes. They only open their eyes at around 10 days old, and then the colour will change a few weeks after this. You can find out more about cats' eyesight here!

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