If you thought that only dogs were useful to law enforcement, you were wrong!

In 1990, the U.S. Navy  revealed the existence of a program to develop marine mammals to perform tasks by exploiting their natural talents and predisposition. The main animals used were bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions but other species such as beluga, whale, elephant seals have also been tested.

These dolphins and sea lions were chosen because of their strengths while dolphins have excellent sonar, much more powerful than any man has been able so far to develop, and California sea lions have a highly developed sense of hearing.

The missions assigned to the Marine mammals were mainly to identify underwater mines or enemy swimmers and help recover lost at sea equipment.

The Navy has always contradicted the rumors insinuating that the animals were also trained for missions attacks and continues to assert that these animals are treated very well. They are now trained in San Diego, California.

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