Want to put up a photo of your pet or make a thoughtful, handmade present for someone who shares your interest in pet parenting? This crochet DIY is for you!

To begin the crocheted frame:

You will need: a cardboard ring of about 18cm in diameter, a crochet hook (4mm pictured below) and coloured wool and to know the basic principles of crocheting (which you can discover here).


1. Make a slip knot, then a slip stitch on the cardboard.


2. Do a ring of single crochet around the whole of the card.




3. When you have completed the round of single crochet, flip your frame. Do a chain of three, then for the next round do double crotchet all the way round, on every other stitch of the previous round.


4. When you finish the round with the double crotchets, join the last stitch of your round to the first stitch of the chain (that's the chain of 3 in the previous step) by doing a slip stitch.


5. To make the domes, skip a stitch, do 7 double crotchets into the next stitch, skip a stitch, do a single crotchet into the next stitch, and repeat the starred bits all the way round. When you have finished the round, join the first and last round bit with a slip stitch.



Ta-daa! Your frame is now completed. You can now move onto the second part of the project.

To make the embroidered photo:

You will need : white fabric – transferring paper – embroidery thread – embroidery needle – an iron.


1. Print the photo of your animal according to the transferring paper's instructions. The photo should be slightly larger than the space in your frame, so that you can stick it to the back. Transfer the photo to the fabric.


2. Cut out your transferred photo.


3. Pass the thread through the needle and create a knot at one end.

4. Starting from behind, you can add little funny motifs to your photo.


6. Hide the ends of the threat behind the photo. Put some glue on the edges of the front of the photo, stick it to the back of the crocheted frame, and you're done!


If crocheting isn't your forte, you can always just place it in a pretty embroidery frame!

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Source: Élodie's Caely blog

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