Bonnie, a pet from my beautiful Yummypets team tasted this new product - read her review!

Bonnie is a 45 kg Golden Retriever, adopted three years ago from a shelter, and she is very active. She was very thin when rescued from the shelter, but today, we could say that she is slightly overweight.

The gluttonous girl has enjoyed being the first to taste the Duo Pro Plan Délice, chicken flavor.

Once the pack open, we discover nuggets mixed with pieces of crispy chicken! Yummm! Bonnie licks her lips and is wriggling with impatience!On a testé pour vous : Pro Plan Délice poulet - riz

After pouring the recommended proportions indicated behind the packet according to your pet's age and weight, Bonnie swallowed everything! She seemed to really appreciate it!

On a testé pour vous : Pro Plan Délice poulet - riz

With its dual texture (crispy kibbles and soft wispy chicken pieces), the Pro Plan Délice, chicken flavor offers the dog a new experience !
In addition, the crispy chicken works as a toothbrush, and helps reduce the formation of tartar on the teeth. The nutrient also helps in proper digestion and promotes the well-being of doggie!

Let us know if your pet has tasted this food!

Discover Pro Plan Délice here:

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