Little Watkins surprised everyone with the amazing recovery he made. He was found at four months old, alone in the woods in a terrible condition. Today, however, he is thriving with his new family!

Finding Watkins

Stephanie Smith-Justus, who works for the local city animal shelter in Virginia, got a call about a dog that was seen near a forest in very bad condition. She grabbed her husband and they went to find him straight away. After some time her husband found the puppy and told her he wasn’t going to live.


The Pup’s Condition

The poor puppy was covered with demodectic mange, which he most likely got from his mother, and it was very severe; similar to a second-degree burn. Stephanie knew of a vet who just moved in down the road and she went to the house as quickly as she could. The vet took one look at the dog and told Stephanie that he was dying.

To give little Watkins any chance, they rushed him to a vet’s clinic where they started treating him. Along with the skin condition, Watkins had been repetitively shot with a pellet gun and his intestines had collapsed from not eating anything. Unfortunately the poor pup’s ankles had not formed properly because he was malnourished; he couldn’t stand up on his paws but instead seemed to walk on his wrists.


The Treatment

Instead of having him euthanized straight away, they tried to give Watkins a second chance. He was rushed into emergency surgery which no one thought he would survive. He was well after surgery but stopped eating a few weeks after and chewed off the feeding tube they gave him.

All in all Watkins spent about 119 days at the vets and other doctors through a series of ups and downs, but with all the setbacks he recovered. Many people heard of his story and sent blankets, dog beads as well as donations. He even has a following of 12, 000 people on his Facebook page!


Watkins Today

Watkins has since been walking properly and looks like a normal healthy puppy. Stephanie and her family are in awe of this pup’s strength and his ongoing improvement is a constant reward for them. Even though he had a rough start in life, he is a very loving dog, who constantly helps others!

Stephanie said that: “He’s a miracle, he really is.”


Source: The Dodo

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