A story that will warm the cockles of your heart: Willie Ortiz, a 76 year-old iron worker who has fed the stray cats in his town for 22 years.

The man with the big heart

Every evening, at a little house in Hartford, Connecticut, dozens of cat gather around waiting for some desperately needed food.

70 cats, 365 days a year, and not once in 22 years has the door remained closed.

The man makes sure that these cats have what they need to live good and happy lives.

His mission: help strays

Ortiz is originally from Puerto Rico, and began feeding stray cats in 1995 after having seen a starving kitten begging for food.

"Everyone ignored it though it needed help," explains Ortiz.

The man therefore realised that his mission was to help cats.

Misunderstood by many

However, not everyone understands Ortiz's decision.

Each time someone asks him why he feeds the cats every day or they tell him that he feeds them too much, Ortiz replies "How many meals do you eat per day? Remember that while you eat three, these cats are only eating once every 24 hours."

Ortiz will continue to look after the stray cats as long as he can.

 Meet Willie Ortiz, the man who feeds stray cats every single day!

willie ortiz

The 76-year old veteran has been married for 52 years.

willie ortiz

He feeds about 70 cats ever night, 365 days a year.

willie ortiz

For all these years, the man hasn't gone a day without taking care of the cats, and thanks to him, they live in better conditions.

willie ortiz

Things fell into place for Ortiz when he met a hungry cat who was begging for food...

willie ortiz

People ask him why he feeds them every day or why he gives them so much to eat. He replies, explaining to these curious people, that cats need to eat, just like humans…

willie ortiz

What do you think of Willie Ortiz's story ?

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    Evelyn B I'd like to say this man needs a super big HUG. I wish there were way more people that do this. Kudos to you.