So many people use Snapchat to send quick pics to their friends, usually using a funny filter. Cat owners... Listen up! The app has recently released new filters for cats!

Discover the Snapchat cat filters

This new feature in the app allows you to use filters on your cat while taking a photo or a video of them. Many different filters have been added, adapted to our feline friends' faces. Example filters include a unicorn horn, a watermelon, an angel halo and more. Just think of all of the funny selfies you can do with your cat!

Yummypals trying out the cat filters

Many of you yummypals have been having fun with the new snapchat cat filters! Here are some recent photos that you posted on your public profiles:

Luffy's having fun with the filters!

Les filtres Snapchat pour les chats.

Anya trying out the unicorn horn!

Les filtres snapchat pour les chats.

Magnum prefers the watermelon!

Les chats testent les filtres Snapchat.

Britivana trying it out with her owner!

Britivana a testé les filtres Snapchat pour chat !

Has your cat tried out these new filters yet?

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