Desperate and dateless no longer the case in Manila with Valentine’s Day dog dinner dates designed to pair-up homeless animals with a new human partner.

Valentine’s Day dog dinner dates

Playing match-maker, animal rescue centre PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) in Manila, Philippines is offering candle-lit, dog dinner dates between homeless dogs and animal lovers this Valentine’s Day.

Each date costs just $6 and includes a table set for two and treats to feed the dog.

PAWS education officer Sharon Yap said the campaign had been designed to encourage adoption and change common misconceptions about homeless animals.

"Even stray dogs, stray animals that are considered as aggressive, with enough love and care, they can actually be rehabilitated into loving animals as well," Yap said.

With the campaign running over a few days, visitors have been snapped taking dog date selfies, snuggling up with their date, and feeding their furry friend yummy treats.

College student Taki Saito was one of the first to take part and share a romantic dog dinner date with a very happy animal.

“I don't have a date for Valentine's so I went here for one. My love for dogs will never go away,” Taki said.

Currently, PAWS has rescued and is looking after more than 70 dogs and 230 cats and hopes through education and awareness they can encourage animal lovers to adopt rather than buy their next animal.

Dog dinner dates are running until the 17th of February, coinciding with the launch of the new lunar calendar on Friday - the Year of the Dog.

Proceeds from the event will help contribute to the running costs of the PAWS shelter.

Source: ABS CBN News

Photo credit: Reuters

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