You might think that this is strange, but this is happening to thousands of sheep in Australia. They are drugged by a plant that they eat and end up killing themselves.

The Toxic Plant 

This toxic plant is a part of the Swainsona family; it contains highly toxic chemicals and is deadly if left without treatment. Sheep accidently ingest this plant while they are grazing. The effects are terrible and include weight loss, disorientation, confusion, depression and trembling muscles. It is named the “Darling Pea”, which most definitely doesn’t suit it.


The plant has spread quickly because of wildfires. This is alarming for the farmers in New South Wales, who are losing their sheep to this strange phenomenon. One farmer has lost 800 sheep already, a staggering amount.

Another farmer said: “The fire was a distressing thing to have happen, we lost so many stock, fences, pasture- and then for it to come back with a terrible noxious plant like this, it’s awful and very distressing.”

Similar To Drug Addiction

Some sheep have been found banging their heads on stones or posts until they die. According to a vet, you could compare this to an addiction to heroin. There is unfortunately no cure for this; the only way to prevent it is to keep the sheep from eating the plant.

Source: Vivid & The Independent

Photo: Pixabay

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