Today, let me introduce you to Sammy, a beautiful peach faced Lovebird, very cheeky and playful, who loves to show of his tricks !

When, where, how did you meet your pet?

I found Sammy when I went in search for a pet bird at a local pet shop, I was not sure what type of bird I wanted just a good companion, when I first saw him I was in love! He was a lovebird which are usually kept in pairs, but he was alone in the shop, they told me he's partner died and he had been very quiet and still since. They said I could have him but he may be very nervous and will need a lot of attention, I have had him for a year now and he's very loud and happy and loves to show off.

Where does his name come from?

His full name is SAMUAL JEREMY COHEN, I'm not sure why, but me and my boyfriend wanted him to sound a bit posh!

Tell us about a typical day with him?

A typical day with Sammy is waking up at 8:00 every morning! Then he loves to sing really loud until his breakfast is served, later we go through he's trick routine where he loves to perform a trick that involves him picking up coins and placing them in his little box, in the afternoon he just likes to snug up on my shoulder and clean his feather then take a nap.

Whatʼs his silliest trait?

The naughtiest thing Sammy has done is escaped from he's cage one early morning while I was still asleep, I came down stairs wondering why he was so quiet when I realised HE WAS NOT IN HIS CAGE! I looked everywhere for him, but then I heard a squeak coming from the study, he was hiding all tucked inside the curtain by the window, when I called his name his head popped out then hid again. I never did find out how he escaped!

Whatʼs your best memory together ?

My best memory with Sammy was when he first flew to me, before he didn't really like being picked up and I never wanted to force him so I would let him come out his cage and he would just sit on top doing what he wanted, then one day I called him and he just flew across the room to sit on my shoulder, it was then I knew he wanted to be with me, he became tame very quickly and we are now always together.

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