This beautiful pit bull was taken outside by a volunteer, and he enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to return to the shelter.

Even with so many volunteers trying to give you the love and care that you deserve, being a shelter pup isn’t the easiest life. Marshmallow was taken outside by a shelter volunteer recently, and he loved every second of it. He fell asleep in the volunteer’s lap and wanted to stay there forever.

Pitt bull blanc tache noire

Unfortunately the volunteer, Michele Kenno, is unable to adopt Marshmallow. But she writes on her Facebook page: “He has a ton of nervous energy and needs someone who will give him time to adjust. I wish adopters understood and respected the decompression period. If they saw how active he was at the shelter, did they really think they were going to get him home and find an immediate "off" switch for all his energy? All this sweetheart of a boy needs is unconditional love, stability and time.”

The Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center describes Marshmallow as a big goofball. He loves walks and he loves to snuggle. He is still looking for a home, so if you are interested – give them a call!

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    Kathy B @doodle jump Such a lovely dog, I wish I could raise one like that