Your London Pet Sitter provides a loving, caring and professional service to cater for the needs of your pets. Micaela's focus is to replace the pet care that you would provide at home with a professional and caring alternative. So if you're in London, and searching for someone to keep your pet, You r London Pet Sitter is there to give you the peace of mind that your pet is in a safe and loving environment!


Can you tell me a little about you?

My name is Micaela, I'm 25 years old and I've lived in London for about 2 years.
I come from Padua, a city in northern Italy.
Initially I came to London to improve my English and to live a new experience, but at the time to go home... even though I had many doubts and fears, I decided to stay and see what the future held for me in this great city.

Where you were working before?

I have two great passions, animals and sports.
Before moving to England and start working full-time with animals I used to work as personal trainer and spin instructor.
I've always done jobs that I liked and that gave me joy!
Now, with many dogs to walk during the week and sometimes even going to run with them... I can say that this is my dream job because it includes my favorite things ever!

Why did you decide to create your company?

When I arrived in London I needed a job to support myself, I originally brought CVs in some Italian restaurants, but nothing. Then I found an advert of a pet sitting agency that was looking for new staff... And there it all started. I worked with them for over a year and I created a group of loyal customers who later  have followed me into my new challenge! Then the step was short, after having a look at what this activity required... I said to myself: why not try to open my own agency? I could have put into practice what I had learned, make available my enthusiasm, and let them know what I can do and what I can offer: we have many services available, from dog trainer to homemade treats from the pet photographer to handmade outfits ... through the more traditional services such as pet sitting / cat sitting and dog walking.

Was it difficult?

Bureaucracy apart and bank staff not very prepared... it was not very difficult. The job is pretty much the same!

What was your greatest challenge?

Definitely a challenge has been to move permanently to another country with a different culture and a different language and start a business...
I'm also attending a course of veterinary assistantship, fingers crossed!

What are your plans for the future?

Talking about work I'd rather not anticipate much, at least until it is absolutely certain ... but I can say that the owners of large dogs in London will be very happy :)


What is your favorite pet product?

I love dog food! I like to let my dog ​​always try new flavors and brands, that I choose very carefully ...and thus also for the treats, usually with vegetables, low in fat and sugar! ;)

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