At the end of 2013, a female chimpanzee was released by the Jane Goodall Institute on the island of Tchindzoulou after many mishaps. Before turning away, the animal made a very touching gesture, that proves once again that animals have feelings too.

For more than 50 years Jane Goodall has studied chimpanzees and raised awareness around the world about the dangers that surround them. In 1977 she decided to found the Jane Goodall Institute present today in many countries and the leader of protection of chimpanzees and their habitats.

Wounda's journey was difficult as the chimpanzee was weakened by several diseases. A few years later Wounda is healthy again and can finally be reintroduced into her natural habitat.

In the video above you can see her touching goodbye to her saviors. The institute said in a note that " chimpanzees are known to have a very good memory. They remember  those who came to their aid in the past. But this behavior has never been observed before."

Wounda is the 15th chimp to be released on the island of Tchindzoulou. The Institute wishes to reintroduce 60 others in 2014. 170 chimpanzees currently reside in the centers thanks to 60 employees and volunteers. "This year coincides with the 80th anniversary of the founding Jane Goodall, the releases are , for her, the most beautiful gifts !" says the Institute.

Source: Maxisciences

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