Do you remember the mysterious feline spotted in a Californian neighborhood we were talking about two weeks ago?

Mystery solved!

As expert said, it is not a mountain lion. But it is not a female african lion either. In fact, it's a dog!

A resident living few blocks away says that this big mysterious animal is his dog, Buddy. Buddy usually goes for walk alone around that time of the night and he knows for sure he went out when the video was recorded.

In order to make sure that Buddy is the mysterious animal caught on video that night, police officers decided to shoot another video at the same time of night. They recreated the conditions and  asked Buddy's owner to have him walk where the mysterious animal walked that night, at the same speed and pace.

Investigators believe the animal is, indeed, Buddy because the the tail and height match, but we will never know for sure. 

photo credit: NBC Los Angeles

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