These dogs just love to be on TV, and by getting all that coverage animal shelters hope they find their permanent homes!

Some Airtime

NBC 6 in South Florida devotes a segment of the news each week to an animal in need of adoption. The adorable Pitbull, King, just couldn’t wait to make his entrance for some TV time! “Pet of the Week” is usually after the weather, but King was too excited and made his entrance a little early. He decided the best time would be right in the middle of the weather forecast.

Caught By Surprise

Meteorologist, Ryan Phillips, who delivered the forecast that night, was caught by surprise. He didn’t expect the dog to jump up on the desk and shower him with kisses!

“It’s not your turn yet. You have to wait one more segment,” said Phillips.


King is still up for adoption, but the animal shelter where he stays hope that the coverage he got will help to find him a home!

This isn’t the first time a dog interrupted a weather forecast - remember Ripple in Canada? Thanks to the coverage he got, he has found his permanent home!

Source: The Dodo

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