If you have a cat, you're bound to have seen your fur friend playing or napping in a cardboard box. But have you ever wondered why your kitty is so fond of cardboard boxes? Here’s why!

1: They love the insulation

Cardboard boxes provide the perfect insulation to regulate your cat’s body temperature when they want to take a nap.

chat carton

Photo : instagram/miguelboo

2: It’s the perfect fortress to hide behind 

The bigger the box, the better. Cats think that they can’t be seen by ‘predators’ when they are in there, and they feel safe when they can feel all the sides of the box pressed against their body. Nothing can catch me! (Even when my tail is visible and hanging over the edge.)


Photo : Instagram/monty_happiness

3: It helps for hunting

It’s the perfect hiding spot to jump on unsuspecting victims. If you have two cats you may notice them using this as a way to startle their friend/sibling.

chat gris blanc carton

Photo : Instagram/lilybumps55

4: It’s a bed AND a scratching post 

Some scratching pads are made out of corrugated cardboard, so it makes sense that your kitty loves sinking their claws into the box after a nap!

chat noir carton

Photo : Instagram/miatzala

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